Lifetime Leather Service

Included with your purchase of any leather good from Wells Rivet Company is a lifetime service of cleaning and conditioning free of charge throughout the life of the product. At any of our locations, just drop off your product and we will clean and condition it for you. We reserve the right to deny our Lifetime Leather Service to anybody who we feel to be treating our service with overuse or abuse.

Product Care At Home

There is a lot of conflicting information out there on how to care for leather goods. If you search the internet you will find articles on how to clean or treat your leather with everything from mayonnaise to lemon juice and detergent to plain water. We hope to educate and simplify the topic so you can protect and extend the lifetime of your hides. We highly recommend our Leather Care Kit that has everything you need to care for your hides. In a carrying bag with a natural fiber cloth, our naturally sourced Leather Lather and beeswax based Beeautiful Butter is a perfect choice for protecting your leather. Below are some helpful tips on DOs and DON'Ts for leather care at home.

1. DON'T use plain water or non-distilled vinegar to clean your leather. Doing so will clean your leather however when it dries, it will dry stiff and could lead to cracking in the future.

2. DON'T use detergent or heavy soaps because they can change the color of your leather and possibly damage it as well. It is ok in some uses but it will eventually wear down the hide over time.

3. DON'T use cheap household oils such as vegetable oil or left over grease as a conditioner. Although these will condition the leather, it will quickly go rancid and smell extremely bad.

4. DON'T use anything that you find questionable such as household cleaning chemicals that could permanently damage your leather.


1. DO use distilled white vinegar to clean your hide. Distilled white vinegar has mild cleansing properties that won't damage your hide and is perfect for removing stains or foul smells.

2. DO use a natural plant or animal based oil that has a long shelf life. Olive oil, beeswax, and neatsfoot oil are common leather conditioners that will not go rancid over short periods of time. Most commercial conditioners are petroleum based oils that last forever but unfortunately they can be toxic to you and the environment.

3. DO regularly clean and condition your hides. Having a cycling or periodical time that you treat your hides can significantly extend the lifetime of them. The job of cleaning is to strip and remove the old oils and prep the leather for new oils. The job of conditioning is to restore new oils and protect the leather from further damage. It is very similar to the process we use to clean our hair in the shower. We clean our scalp with shampoo, then restore the new oils with conditioner. Cleaning is not necessary every time you condition your hide so keep a ratio of about 1 cleaning for every 5 conditionings for boots, shoes, and bags. Usually this is a good ratio to keep however some goods such as wallets or belts may never need cleaned, only conditioned to prevent cracking.